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5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post With a Bang

Copyblogger has an article up explaining five simple and effective ways to open your blog post with a bang. I highly recommend trying atleast one of these on most of your blog posts, as I have read far too many lately where it takes almost five or ten minutes for me to get to the meat and potatoes of what the writer is trying to say, and that was after pushing through to read it without any sort of hook at the start.

1. Ask a Question.
2. Share an Anecdote or Quote
3. Invoke the Mind’s Eye
4. Use an Analogy, Metaphor or Simile
5. Cite a Shocking Statistic

Even I need to use more of them. Remember though, everything in moderation. If you ask a question at the start of every post, I think some people might get frustrated…

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