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WordPress 2.5 Administration Theme: Fluency

WordPress 2.5 isn’t even out yet, and already we have a theme to replace the default WordPress administration panel theme that has taken a fair bit of flack.

The theme, Fluency, replaces many of the graphics and navigational item placements in the WordPress admin. It strips the colours back to a black, gray, and white mix, moving the main navigation over to the left hand side.

Despite the huge overhaul that the WordPress admin interface has received its still not quite what I would really like. I had grown quite attached to the Tiger Admin theme by Steve Smith and when I found that it didn’t work with WP2.5 I was a little disappointed. But this gave me the opportunity to do something different, my own admin theme. Fluency is the result.

Fluency WordPress 2.5 Admin Panel Theme

While this might make many people happy, I still believe that I will adjust to the upcoming WordPress administration panel, and am interested to see how long it will be before someone comes out with a “Retro” administration panel theme, reverting it back to looking closer to the WordPress 2.3 administration panel we have come to be familiar with.

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  1. Ed Sutherland says: 3/13/2008

    As a fan of the clean, uncluttered look, Fluency appears perfect. The only questions I have are how the administration theme works (as opposed to just eye-candy.) The information seems well designed, though. The other question is how does Fluency differ from the native 2.5 WordPress administration screen?


  2. ilanlar says: 3/16/2008

    Excellent stuff!


  3. Abdurrahman says: 3/16/2008

    Yes ; designed for WordPress 2.5, offers a style similar to the “Tiger” Administration theme


  4. Megan says: 5/17/2008

    Thanks for doing this! I’m trying to make some changes to the admin panel too and wasn’t really getting anywhere. I too have some issues with the new panel that I’d really like to be able to do something about! Your theme is a big step in the right direction.


  5. Megan says: 5/17/2008

    Oops, disregard that didn’t realize this wasn’t “your” theme.


  6. Justin Hernandez says: 6/19/2008

    Thanks for the awesome theme. :)


  7. Salsan India says: 6/11/2011

    great man. a change from its default admin design. thanks for sharing it…


  8. Adriana says: 2/26/2012

    thanks for share!