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Blogger as a CMS: Will it Work?

A blogging platform used as a content management system (CMS) is not really new. This blog has outline several reasons why WordPress as a CMS is feasible. Open source systems like WordPress are ideal for such an application because of the inherent “hackability” of the app to be shaped into other uses. But what about closed systems like Google’s Blogger?

Here are two situations wherein Blogger may be a possible CMS for you:

  1. When you’re pressed for time – You can purchase a domain name and use it on a Blogger blog very quickly. Themes for Blogger is also available and easy to implement.
  2. When user management is not crucial – The thing with Blogger is that, as of now, there are only two levels of users: Authors and Administrators. If you’re the one who will be managing the content, then Blogger is OK.

Undoubtedly, making Blogger as a CMS is a challenge. Unlike WordPress, there is no “Page” content type, only generic blog posts. Also, the URL’s of Blogger posts are automatically generated. This feature makes it hard to create pages with specific titles reflect on the URL.

To make Blogger into your CMS, a few simple steps are needed:

  1. Remove all gadgets, expecially the archive and label
  2. Download a Blogger template with a navigation menu and removes the post date.
  3. To manually remove the date header in the post, go to “Edit HTML” in the Layout editing section. Make sure that “Expand Template Widgets” is checked and look for “<data:post.dateHeader/>” and remove it
  4. After writing the site’s content, take note of the URL. Edit the template’s navigation bar to direct to the post’s URL.

Blogger may not be the most elegant of CMS solutions, but there are select situations that it might work.

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  1. Alex Leonard says: 10/14/2009

    I really can’t imagine using Blogger as a CMS. I’d be way more inclined to set up a domain on which is as quick and easy as setting things up on blogger but you get a much better and more manageable system :)


  2. Techthem says: 10/31/2009

    No way.. Dont even think about it. (LOL)
    Well, maybe its possible by creating Cms layout but I think no one is will use it., because it doesn’t have plugin support, easy theme functions, and manymore stuff in list.
    Bottomline is No.


  3. Eugene says: 12/22/2010

    I’m planning to create an anime website, and i was wondering which platform i’m going to use whether WordPress or Joomla. But i think Blogger is the most easiest to use but hard to modify to suit to your professional need for Content Management System. So for me it really depends to the tech capacity of the author.


  4. Chester Web Design ) says: 1/13/2011

    Think I might give this a try.

    btw – to get an seo friendly url, write the title for what url you want, like ‘personal injury solicitor’ this will give the page its URL, then go back and add the title you actually want. The URL will stick but you can have a better title.

    Hope that helps.

    I wonder if you could include the blog stream in another page? That’s possibly one of the few things that holds me back.

    The original url will stick.


  5. arash tajdar says: 2/23/2011

    you write:
    Here are two situations wherein Blogger may be a possible CMS for you:
    but i know one more…so the number 3 is…
    3. when blogger ( i mean and censored ( i mean filtered)in your country…
    Q1 : what is my country ? :)


    • Samuel says: 10/21/2011

      In a censoring country, CMS are useless.


  6. elroy says: 3/11/2011

    Blogger is fantastic for posting blogs but I need software through which I can manage my website. If anybody knows then please let me know.


  7. BulletMaster says: 11/1/2011 – there’s a great multitasking system EBIZ CMS – the most inexpensive of clever CMS in the world!


  8. Wobble says: 11/9/2011

    We build websites on the Joomla CMS (Content Management System), enabling you to update your website yourself free of charge on a daily basis, saving you money in the long run. Joomla is a flexible platform and widely supported, giving you the freedom to add whatever you like at any stage, e.g. it’s easy to add a blog if you need one 10 months after your website went live.


  9. Ripon Chakrabarty ) says: 12/25/2012

    Blogger can be an excellent CMS option. My answer is based on these advantages blogger provide like,

    1st its free, I mean no hosting is required, and we can depend on Google server for sure.

    2nd easily customisable template and many of them are free.

    3rd, easyly listed on google, better SEO prospects,

    4th you can create 100 of Static page inside a blogeer,

    5th, easy and tons of online tutorial available, even a kid can make an operate it. So I guess its ok for any Small business.


  10. Priya says: 5/24/2013

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    CMS Development US


  11. NexoraSolutions ) says: 7/11/2013

    Very interesting discussion going on here guys. I am posting on behalf of a startup Spanish tech company named Nexora. We have developed a content management system of our own that was designed for use by small businesses and others that requires no previous technical knowledge in order to start up your very own blog, website, or other form of digital publication. More information on our CMS projects is available here: As an international business we are always looking to exchange ideas with others to continue innovating and improving the world around us.


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