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Seven Reasons Why You Need An iPad If You’re A Serious Blogger

There, I said it. If you’re a serious blogger, proud of your blogging, you need an iPad.

Stop complaining about the lack of Flash because you’re off the mark. Don’t label the iPad as underwhelming without understanding the device, all while still being blinded by the pre-announcement Unicorn device hype.

Now the iPad has been unveiled we can accept its platform-changing role and look at how this device will change your routine. More than any smartphone before has.

There’s no way round it. Bite the bullet, shell out those $$$ and get your iPad. Here are more than seven reasons why you should get one.

The Perfect Second Screen, Dual Setup

Once you have tasted and gotten used to a dual screen setup you will not want to return to a single monitor setup anymore. No laptop, or software, is good enough to replace the luxury of having two screens. Neither Spaces nor virtual desktops can anywhere nearly emulate the experience of two screens side-by-side. Bill Gates has three monitors, Al Gore loves to show off his ridiculous three 30″ screen setup. Once you get used to multiple screens there’s no way back. The iPad makes this now possible AND portable.

The iPad is the Perfect Research Device

A main part of writing an entry is often the research you need to do. Who doesn’t remember having had 10-to-tons of tabs open, researching facts, looking for quotes and so much more. With the iPad you can now do all this on a second screen, but instead of this screen being static in your desk setup, it’s portable. More than the iPhone even you can research anywhere — on the couch, at the kitchen table, on the road — all while having a nicely sized screen. Done having to squint your eyes on the small screen of your smartphone where content is resized to 320px.

The addition of Exposé for Mobile Safari will only make your user experience and research more enjoyable. With copy and paste functionality it is easy to immediately transfer your quotes to Notes or even email them directly to your working computer. Alternatively you can use Pastebot for copy & paste functionality across your wireless network.

Your iPhone Apps Also Work on the iPad

The iPad will run almost all of the apps designed for the iPhone. You just download them from the App Store. Or, if you already have apps for your iPhone or iPod touch, you can sync them to iPad from your Mac or PC.

This means that you will NOT have to reinvest in applications you have already purchased for your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you already use WriteRoom or SimpleNote to sync your notes and drafts via the cloud, you can install these on your iPad. Just like any of the games you might have purchased to relax. Anyone fancy a game of Scrabble via the cloud?

iPad Removes Clutter and Helps You Focus

The main advantage of using an iPad as a second screen instead of a monitor is that the iPad brings simplicity. We all know that as soon as you plug in a second monitor this one will be clouded with multiple windows: chat, email, media player. Move it all to the second screen but let’s keep the noise and distractions coming!

With no multi-tasking available (other than Push notifications) the iPad will help you focus on doing just your research, reading and even writing. Less is more. KISS!

Writing on the iPad you will be able to write in a clutter-free environment, without buttons and UI distraction. Focus on the important. Write. Use the iPad as your Microsoft Office 2007 minus the ugly, distracting ruler and other UI clutter. The UI is where Apple excels, you’ll love it once used to.

Update: Or in the words of Om Malik after the launch of the WordPress for iPad app:

In many ways, iPad’s lack of multi-tasking makes it worthy of focusing on just the task at hand. In my brief usage of the device at the time of the launch, I felt a near complete interaction with say an email or a document or a web page. Now that was near nirvana, when it came to consumption of content.

Apps Will Only Get Better

Darnell does a great job covering the many mobile blogging apps for the iPhone and although he will complain complains that the iPad has NO camera, he will enjoy all the awesome apps we will see for the iPad.

Many apps will take a new form and be developed whether for the iPhone/iPod Touch, whether for the iPad (or in two different versions). The new screen real estate will bring an ‘old form of multi-tasking’ back to your daily habits: side-by-side windows. While you are writing your draft, with or without keyboard, you will have the option to use the browser API and have on one half of the screen a browser window. Pretty much like Mac OS X users can do already with Scrivener as shown in the screenshot, this is coming to your lap, only 1.5lbs heavy.

Expect your entry previews to be loaded in a nice lightbox overlay, similar to the email drop-down in the first image in this entry.

The iPad is the Ultimate Relaxation Device

Last but not least, when you work hard you also need your time to relax. Read RSS, read a book, watch a movie on the go or play a game. After today some executives at Amazon and Sony PSP are cursing because Apple just released the sexiest book reader and portable gaming console.

More Advantages: 3G/Wi-Fi 802.11n, VOIP and NO Camera

Of course you will opt for the $30 unlimited data monthly pre-paid option. Now you can blog from anywhere and it is cheaper than buying an iPhone with an AT&T contract. Blog without squinting your eyes, cursing the keyboard (ever tried posting 1400 words from your iPhone, I have). More than that, iPhone OS 3.2 supports VOIP so you’ll be able to enjoy both Skype and Google Voice.

If you use software like Touchpad for iPhone the iPad will be the most enjoyable remote for your MacBook (Pro) and Mac Mini you’ll ever use, especially now with 802.11n.

As for the camera, let’s be honest. Do you want to be the moron recording video outside, holding a 10″ high tablet in your hands? I know I don’t.

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  1. Darice de Cuba ) says: 1/28/2010

    “Do you want to be the moron recording video outside, holding a 10″ high tablet in your hands?”
    Spot on! I really don’t get people nitpicking on every little thing. Imagine if the iPad did have camera, video, etc. Then it would be bloated and to expensive, bla, bla. Some people just need to have negative comment on everything.


  2. Simon B ) says: 1/28/2010

    Darice, stop being so negative about those people being negative ;o) On a more positive note, I’d love the iPad to have a camera :o)


  3. Darnell Clayton ) says: 1/28/2010

    :-P I’m still going to whine about the lack of a camera, although Apple’s 30 pin connection gives me hope that a simple third party hardware add on will resolve that issue (or better yet, connect it to my iPhone 3GS).


  4. Miguel ) says: 1/28/2010

    Ok, maybe a camera is not the most important thing in this gadget, but it is a gadget created for an Internet and Social Media use… ¿don’t you need to upload your picture to use it as your Twitter avatar? You can go to that important congress outside the city and make cool presentations with your iPad, but you can’t show where are you to your friends and family because your iPad has no camera…

    Obviously, iPad can do a lot of useful, great things. But please, don not sell us that not having a camara is a Pro, not a Con :)


    PD: please, excuse my bad English.


    • Franky Branckaute ) says: 1/28/2010

      We can be sure that Apple has done decent and extensive market research before they decided whether to add a camera or not. Apple and Steve Jobs have created a device THEY think might fit in a niche and define that niche. They certainly have a great vision and are great leaders thinking ahead. You don’t need a 10″ device to take a picture. It looks moronic, doesn’t anyone actually see that? You don’t use a built-in webcam on a laptop to do what you described.

      The iPad is not a laptop and it’s not a phone. It’s a niche in between. It’s a portable ‘couch device’.


  5. Paul says: 1/29/2010

    I currently use a tablet PC(IBM ThinkPad) and Microsoft OneNote to take notes in meetings. The two drawbacks I have with the tablet PC is the short battery life (unless I want to have a large and heavy 8 or 16 cell battery attached) and the thickness of the the PC in tablet mode makes it feel less like a “tablet” in your hands. The long battery life and think design of the iPad is attractive and I’m wondering if anyone knows whether there will be some sort of pen device which will allow you to take notes on the iPad versus using the keyboard. If so, I can see this being a great productivity tool.


    • Franky Branckaute ) says: 1/29/2010

      It would seem that the perfect device for OneNote has finally been created. No device has so far been compelling enough to make OneNote a real success, so I certainly hope that MS will release a full Office Suite to add to the Apps ecosystem.

      Pen input can be made accessible via API. Just like Brushes uses the finger to draw, stylus can also be used if the Apps manages the needed recognition.


  6. mynetdude ) says: 1/29/2010

    almost everything has a camera, I am not an iPhone user, but I suspect these do (hence someone mentioned they might try connecting their iPhone with an iPad) laptops have them, netbooks have them, WHAT does NOT have a camera? A desktop? Most don’t, and you wonder why? because they are NOT portable!

    Almost every portable device has a built in camera, whoever did their half assed market research really did not know what they were doing, and wasted their time and OUR money. I don’t get it, how the HELL do market analyzers find out what we want when they don’t even ask???

    Sorry, but I will NOT be buying one unless there is a camera, I am DEFINITELY interested in this product only with a camera and you might say “uh its just a cross between Kindle and a netbook” you know what I say? Bullshit.

    Fetch the camera Steve!


    • Franky Branckaute ) says: 1/29/2010

      I am sure Apple has invested lots in market research. But I do not think that they wanted to create what every online pundit expected. They created a new niche, pads.

      The iPhone has no frontal camera either, only at the back. Recording video holding a 10″*7″1/2 tablet up makes you look like a retard. Trust me, it does.

      Do not forget one: ‘The iPad is not a laptop’.


      • mynetdude ) says: 1/29/2010

        Again, neither is a notebook as by definition it is NOT a laptop :P

        You have a GOOD point, you’re right the ipod/iphone does not have a front camera, especially in European markets where it is my understanding more phones there have dual cams because their infrastructure supports mobile video calling and you would think that this is available.

        I have a blackberry and once in awhile I want a pic of me and my friends, no front camera but its doable to flip it around and press the side button (which I doubt ipad has) I do agree, having to flip something around so the screen is visible to the public while you take your picture is STUPID

        I guess they could mount the camera on the front and never mind putting one on the back and then again you’ll look stupid trying to take a picture of the Eiffel tower when you can’t even see your own screen :P

        If Apple REALLY invested in lots of market research which I find it hard to believe they would have added the camera. Frankly I agree, it is not always good to add EVERYTHING to a device but for some this is needed I know I would love a large screen, dual cam, big fonts, scroll wheel, stylus, touch screen, etc but I am not the average either.


      • Talesha Peterschmidt says: 2/5/2010

        I agree with you. :)


      • Nathaniel G says: 1/9/2011

        What did they invent? A NEW niche? How so? they invented nothing.

        Did they invent a tablet? umm no, that already exists
        Did they even invent a new tablet OS? No, they just used a smartphone OS which creates a device, with literally no more functionality than an iPhone. Don’t feed us crap about Apple “inventing” someone, just because that’s what you’re being fed by Mr. Jobs.


  7. chris says: 1/29/2010

    Yes, I find my iPhone Apps can Also Work on the iPad


  8. Kian Ann, Property Malaysia says: 1/31/2010

    “The iPad is the Ultimate Relaxation Device” – finally, the right phrase for it.

    People have too many expectations for it to be a full fledged computer… to have all the gadgets. I feel apple meant it to be a new category of devices!

    I think the iPad would be GREAT for you to bring out for a business meeting, for travel etc, where you just need to “read more, write less”.


    • Nathaniel G says: 1/9/2011

      People expect it to be a fully functional computer because it costs as much. Right now, the iPad is for gadget geeks and rich people.


  9. raj ) says: 2/2/2010

    Franky, I agree with most of what you’ve said but have to laugh at how you spin the flaws into features. Yes, I would use the camera “in the field,” if there were one. In fact, a doctor friend and I were talking about the medical apps we COULD have built for the iPad were there a camera. There are all kinds of “field” app possibilities that require a camera, and pretending the lack of a camera is a plus does not make it so. If you want me to list them for you, I will.

    Apple really dropped the ball on such a simple feature, but no doubt will introduce it in the future. However, the apps I could have built would have helped to sell the device to several industry verticals in the near future instead of next year. Of course, i have feeling you’d need two cameras (front and back) to satisfy everyone. Which might be why there’s none?

    And before Apple fanboys attack me, I’ve been using Apple since before many of the most vocal of you were born. I love Apple products and am acquiring my own lab full of devices.


    • Franky Branckaute ) says: 2/2/2010

      Agreed on every level. But there’s no way to ever satisfy everyone. For now I see the iPad professionally first become popular as ‘Information terminal’ in retail and even on airplanes aso.

      As for blogger, less noise indeed is a feature. ;)


  10. samuel says: 2/2/2010

    HI, ¿are you sure that we can use the ipad like secondary screen in the same way as with other display? because if this is true, I need one, just right now.
    I have a new macbook, and I need read many papers in the screen, not in paper, and one secundary screen like Ipad its would be better than my actual secondary screen..because I travel a lot…




    • Roman says: 3/30/2010

      I have looked for a cut-and-dry answer to whether the I-pad will be able to work as a secondary monitor and it seems I can’t find a definite “yes”. I have only read about it being used to mirror a laptop or desktop’s computer screen via a vnc client. I have hopes for it to work as a secondary monitor, but am becoming more doubtful that it will.


  11. Talesha Peterschmidt says: 2/5/2010

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the apple Ipad. I love to read, and being a student I do alot of reading, and looking up info. This is going to be really good for me. And on top of that I can take it with me anywhere I go and it is much eaiser to carry around then a laptop. It may not have a camera but it has alot of other more helpful things. Plus I already have a camera don’t really need another one. I will agree that the Ipad may not be for everyone but for alot of people this device will be helpful for them. So I can’t wait until the IPad hit the stores. I will be the first in line to get one.


  12. Faizan ) says: 2/26/2010

    I think iPad is not a great device-YET. With mac os and other computer-like features, it could be a great device in the future. Currently, it is just an over sized ipod touch.

    PS. the home screen on the iPad looks so ugly!


    • Franky Branckaute ) says: 3/19/2010

      Remember, it’s an iPad. It’s no portable iMac.


      • raj ) says: 3/31/2010

        Right, so it can’t be a second monitor, afaik, which invalidates reason #1, no? If it were running full OS X, then it could be used that way, but it isn’t, so I don’t think it can.


      • Franky Branckaute ) says: 3/31/2010

        Dude, think different: one screen you work on, another screen for research. Second device.
        Also: stop bashing the decision Apple made. The blogosphere hated the device and now analysts estimate more than 400k have been sold already. Yes, Apple knew what they were doing and the user (Joe/Jane Average) really doesn’t care about what so tech pundit/blogger/ranter in a corner says.


      • raj ) says: 3/31/2010

        Franky, how do you get “bashing” out of my stating a fact? You were the one said “second screen,” and obviously several readers took you literally. I was clarifying that the iPad could not be used that way, NOT bashing Apple. On the other hand, I would in fact use an iPad with VNC — so in a sense a second screen, yes. And just because you’re a fan boy does not make you right ;) ;) I love Apple products, dislike their marketing puppetry


        • Nathaniel G says: 1/9/2011

          Thank the lord someone here is sane.

  13. goodbatteries says: 5/7/2010

    I have looked for a cut-and-dry answer to whether the I-pad will be able to work as a secondary monitor and it seems I can’t find a definite “yes”.


  14. Meagan says: 2/19/2011

    The only thing I would honestly use. Camera for on my iPad is skyping, but only if the camera had enough metalmarks, and most tablets on the market do not. So is the camera worth another. 100 bucks of my hard earned money? Nope! Now on to what this article was really about:

    I am a freelance writer and blogger. I write most of the time. The iPad has been the best investment I have ever made in my writing. I have a keyboard dock that I use for most of my extensive writing, although for this snort post I am using the iPads touch keyboard, about 40wpm. The iPad is portable and light weight, and it is the best internet experience I have ever had! I use this thing almost all day, e ery day!

    I own another laptop, and I have not opened it in seven days. That is how much I use the iPad, and with apps like pocket cloud and drop box, I dont even have to use my computer to back up my iPad files! I print wirelessly to my hp printer when needed, and I use the iPad tool bar to multitasking (not that I need to since iPad is so fast!)

    All in all, I would say that iPad is a good investment and a good tool for freelance writers, content writers, bloggers, and internet writers. Also, if you have a more heavy document to write, I would highly recommend the iAwriter app. It provides a focused “no frills” writing environment that is similar in style to a typewriter but of course like four times faster!

    I also want to note that while there are some features that would make it better, I really like the wordpress app! Ms for the interesting read!


    • Meagan says: 2/19/2011

      Sorry bout the spelling errors and typos. This keyboard had this weird predictive text thing. If you want to use this for writing you really need either the Bluetooth keyboard or the keyboard dock


  15. Adriana says: 2/25/2012

    thanks for share!