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4 Ways To Kill Off Human Comment Spam

Blogosphere, we have a problem.

Our spamming foes are switching tactics on us, and are now using humans to market their “enhancement” products, as their mechanical minions are unable to reach their spam quota (thanks in part to awesome anti-spam technology).

Unless we can find a way to thwart these evil beings, we will have to surrender our beloved comment section–or worse–join the various blog cults out there that only allow a select few to comment, while restricting access to the rest of the world.

Since I’d rather downgrade my blogging platform than surrender hearing opinions from my readers, here are a four methods that can help kill off these annoying pests without threatening our thriving communities.

Registration Please!

If your blog is receiving a lot of anonymous spam from humans, requiring users to register could help thwart these annoying individuals from disrupting your comment thread with questionable links.

Instead of simply requiring them to register with your specific blog (which can become tedious if done across dozens of sites), bloggers should allow readers to post their thoughts via a third party account site like Facebook, LinkedIn, or even through OpenID.

WordPress guru’s can implement easily this via an RPX plugin, while BlogSpot fans already have this feature within Blogger (thanks to Google).

Moderate Thy Comments

If human spammers are still permeating your comment threads, you may have to implement comment moderation upon your blog (in which questionable comments are approved manually).

Since this can easily become overwhelming (especially if you are receiving hundreds of daily comments), you should adjust your blog settings to automatically moderate first time commenters for approval, as well as any comment displaying more than 2 links.

Note: Blogger fans may have to automatically set every comment for moderation, or outsource their comment section to either Intense Debate or Disqus.

Eternal Banishment (Blacklisting Domains)

Notice I said “blacklisting links” not IP addresses (the latter which is very foolish).

Blacklisting websites can prevent repeat human spammers from re-inserting questionable links into your comment section, which will force them to harass someone else with less defenses.

Brief Commenting Season

Last but not least if human spammers are still spamming your blog, you can have posts automatically close down after a length of time.

Depending on your blog size, you can have comments close down after 2 weeks or 90 days (the former being recommended if you are receiving a lot of spam).

This feature is available to both Blogger fans as well as WordPress users (the latter via the Discussion Settings).

Any Other Suggestions?

While these four methods can help kill off human spammers, there are probaly other methods that can be used to combat this growing problem (and ultimately kill off this spam industry).

If anyone else has any suggestions, tips or recommendations, feel free to enlighten us all in the comment section below!

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  1. Roezer ) says: 4/27/2010

    I hate when you have to log in to Comment on Blogs best if you do not want Spam Turn comments off.I let people comment on my posts and turn off comments on posts that have enough comments as I do not want to annoy the people that have subscribed to comments.Just use Akismet and keep comments moderated if the spammers see that other spammers have gotten away with posting comments on your blog before then it’s just like when you throw blood in a shark pool


  2. Andrew @ Blogging Guide ) says: 4/28/2010

    I moderate the first comment so some spam is identified that way. Obviously some get’s through!

    I also use the plugin wp-SpamFree that works really well.



  3. Frank ) says: 4/28/2010

    Is there any possibility to blacklist domains through a WordPress plugin? Never heard of something like that, but it sounds like a pretty good idea.

    Something I recommend is to use Lucia’s Linky Love in a self hosted WordPress environment. It makes blog commenters links nofollow until they have a certain amount of comments (default: 5), so casual spammy comments do not get any reward, while your regular commenters do.


  4. Wallace ) says: 5/1/2010

    Moderate all comments before publishing is the way to go,
    anyway i really hate to comment if i must to register a account or login first.


  5. Emery Chernan says: 10/11/2010

    I have had my blog platform running for over 2 years. Suddenly flagged me for spamming which i have never done. Blogspot has a 4 step protocol to restore my platform. Twice, i have submitted a review and appeal but never received a reply.

    I would like to move my blogs to another platform but i wonder how difficult it would be and would self-hosting or paid hosting be better ? I will except any construction comments freely.
    Thank You