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10 Free Blogging Tools I Can’t Live Without

I use a lot of free and paid tools to help me as a blogger, and today I’m going to share 10 of the free blogging tools I can’t live without.  I had a hard time narrowing this list down to just 10 tools, but I think the following offers a diverse group of tools that every blogger should try.

Of course, I also can’t live without Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and many, many more free tools, but the list below includes a more diverse selection than just the most well-known and expected tools that you’d normally find in this type of list.  Note that this list is in no particular order.

So without further ado, here they are — 10 free blogging tools I can’t live without (or at least, that I don’t want to live without):

1. Stock.xchng

I use a variety of sites to find free images that I can legally publish in my blog posts, and stock.xchng is one of my favorites.


Need to edit images for your blog?  I have used several free tools to do this in the past, but has become my favorite.


This list would not be complete if I didn’t mention my favorite blogging application.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by far the best and most comprehensive free Web analytics tool.

5. Skype

I was not an early adopter of Skype, but over the past couple of years, it has become an integral part of my life as a blogger for conducting chats, phone conversations, and interviews.

6. PollDaddy

There are a number of free poll sites and tools that bloggers can use, but PollDaddy is still my favorite because of its ease-of-use and streamlined functionality.

7. Google Alerts

I have multiple alerts set up and view them in my email inbox everyday.  Of course, Google Alerts isn’t perfect, but it has helped me to find many conversations and articles that I may have missed otherwise.

8. CoffeeCup

I’m not a Web developer and my HTML and CSS knowledge is limited, but when I do need to look through code to edit a WordPress theme or view the source code for a Web page, the free version of CoffeeCup makes it easier to find what I’m looking for.

9. Core FTP

There are a number of free FTP sites and tools, but Core FTP is easy to use and perfect for a novice.

10. Delicious

I have a private Delicious account that I use to bookmark all of the content I want to research further, write about, and so on.  I can access these bookmarks from any computer and at anytime.  I don’t know what I would do if anything ever happened to my Delicious account.

What are your favorite free blogging tools?  Leave a comment and share your “can’t live without” tools!

Image: stock.xchng

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  1. Andrew @ Blogging Guide ) says: 6/10/2010

    Not too sure if it fits into “can’t live without’ but I do like Comment Sniper. It tells me when new blog posts are published on my fav sites.



  2. June Parker ) says: 6/10/2010

    I already knew about these programs, except for PollDaddy. Thanks for the tip. As far as an easy to use FTP program, I like Filezilla better. It is free and also very easy to use. Another cool image editor is It is a free online services so there is nothing to download. Picnik allows you to do real basic stuff, like cropping, resizing, adding effects, borders and frames. Google just bought them out.


  3. Susan Gunelius ) says: 6/10/2010

    @Andrew – thanks for sharing about Comment Sniper!


  4. Susan Gunelius ) says: 6/10/2010

    @June Parker — Yes, I used to use Picnik all the time. It’s a great tool! I prefer for my needs these days, but I absolutely agree with you that Picnik is great and you can do everything online with it! Gimp is another great option for a free image editor.


  5. Alex Posicionamiento Web says: 6/11/2010

    There are a lot of tools in the internet that is really important for a blogger and the good thing about it is that it is for free! I would agree that the blogging tools mentioned above is really important. A lot of bloggers are using those tools because it is really effective for SEO, socializing, communication and many more. Once that one of these tools would be gone or it would already require some payment so that you can use it, for sure there will be a lot of bloggers that will complain.

    This is a great list and thanks for sharing!



  6. Harsh Athalye ) says: 6/11/2010

    What about feedburner, firebug, Google Keyword tool? Don’t you think they are important as well? I think this list will be incomplete without them.


  7. Susan Gunelius ) says: 6/11/2010

    @Harsh Athalye — Absolutely! I was trying to narrow this list down to 10 diverse tools. I actually spent several minutes trying to decide if I wanted to include Core FTP, CoffeeCup or Feedburner. Finally, I decided to include the two lesser-known tools, but I’d be lost without Feedburner. And I use both the Google Keywords Tool and Google Traffic Estimator all the time. Those are great additions to the list that I forgot all about! In fact, I might have to rewrite this list and turn it into at least 20 free tools I can’t live without as a blogger — or maybe 50 with all the great suggestions and reminders I’m getting on this post! :)


  8. brad ) says: 6/12/2010

    I would have to respectfully disagree with google analytics to be honest. I used to use it in combination with a local PHP script that I ran because the script gave me more of the info I really wanted. After trying several analytic/analyzers, none could make me give up the script although I wasn’t happy with where the script was going.

    Then I found the answer in which I found initially through another service. Although it has paying levels, it is free to sign up and use in a limited capacity but I admit I quickly signed up. I got a year for $60 which allows me to have up to 3 sites I believe (though I only have one) and I really became obsessed with the Spy feature. It’s definitely worth checking out, but I think it’s so good, that I’m not even trying to take advantage of the affiliate program. Just something worth looking at.

    It isn’t perfect, but the support’s been pretty decent so far and it’s made me forget my original PHP script which no other tool has been able to do.


  9. brad ) says: 6/12/2010

    Also for FTP, although I may be in the minority, I use FileZilla. I’ve been using it for a while and it used to have some shortcomings I really disliked but I’ve been extremely pleased with the most recent versions. Having used FTP over many years, this has risen to the top for me.

    There’s also which provides a full web interface for FTP. It’s completely free to use through them or you can download the script to use on your own server. I have it set up on mine in a private ip-restricted directory (along with a copy of phpmysqladmin and a few other tools) so if I’m ever in a place where i can’t use FTP directly, I can use it. Plus it lets you edit files online as opposed to FTP clients like FileZilla where you technically have to download, edit and re-upload — good for debugging.


  10. Wordpress Blogging Tools ) says: 9/6/2010

    Wow great post! For my free images I use there great. I never have tried the one that you said in the article will check it out. Also I love WordPress, it beats Blogger by a mile!! What’s funny is I don’t even use Google Ana.,.,.., what ever. I use Get Clicky. Real time stats that are free, thats a lot. I like them sooooo much I’ve thought about cancelling because I look at my stats to long!! You should check’em out!
    Thanks for the post,
    Joe Burnett


  11. ihjas says: 10/31/2010

    good post….keep blogiing


  12. Jeane - Ropa ciclismo says: 1/31/2011

    What about the Open Source GNU Filezilla, a cousin of Mozilla Firefox ?
    Anyway, a great post with a very interesting information and with many unknown for me.
    I am going to take good note of them all.

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  13. Disfraces Dragon Rojo says: 2/9/2011

    These tools are amazing, Im according with this article, but I think the list is incomplete… where is feedburner, addthis, bookmarks tools, etc… but great post.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


  14. Consultor SEO ) says: 2/25/2011

    Essensial tools, without doub. The future of Delicious is not clear, unfortunately.


  15. Zanie ) says: 3/23/2011

    Thanks for sharing the tips. I also agree with the above comments that FileZilla is the best. I have used many kinds of FTP program to upload my files. So far FileZille is free and easy to use. About what to use for starting blog, i choose WordPress because it’s free and it also have lots of free themes and the looks are so commercial.

    Feel free to comment on my blog too.


    – Zanie from Malaysia -


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  17. Paul ) says: 4/9/2011

    How about a blog marketing tool like BlogGlue? I’m one of the founders and we’re looking for feedback. It’s built as a WP plugin that connects blogs using related posts.

    If you give it a try I’d love feedback. I think your readers will love it!

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  18. Juan from Vender Desde Casa says: 4/11/2011

    Thanks for sharing this article! I didn’t know about Polldaddy. I’d also include EveryStockPhoto, there are some free images of great quality.




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    Thanks for the excellent list of tools. I must say, I am totally amazed at how good Google Analytics is. It actually astounds me every time I log into my account. The amount of useful information they give you for absolutely free. I would be happy to pay $49 a month for the tool, but get to access it for no cost.
    My favorite part is seeing what keywords your visitors used to find your site. It’s amazing how many long tail keywords you rank for without even trying.
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    A lo of tools in the internet are useful for a blogger, the good thing about it is most of them are free free! I do agree that the blogging tools mentioned above are really important. I know some bloggers who use this kind of tools because they are really effective for SEO, socializing, communication and many more.If any of these tools dissapear or stops to be free, for sure there will be bloggers that will complain, may be a lot.

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  43. Verna says: 4/6/2012

    The only one of these tools that I am familiar with is Skype. I used it religiously when my son was in Iraq. As far as blogging, I must admit that my experience in this area has been little to none; however, since I am ready to begin, I thinks that the info that you have shared will get me off to a great start. Thanks!


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    I am already using Google analytics, alerts, WP, Poll Daddy, Delicious. But others are still to figure out. Thanks for sharing, will try these now and lets see the outcome. :)


  49. JR says: 10/17/2012

    I’d like to add an 11th to the list – is becoming my favorite tool of all time. Give it an image (or a zip full) and tell it what size you want, and it returns them back to you almost instantly.


  50. Mark ) says: 10/24/2012

    I stumbled across your site researching my next blog post! I can’t live without Evernote and Dropbox especially for keeping your blogging post ideas organized and in one place.


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  54. Jkeevy ) says: 2/3/2013

    Sorry if someone already added this, but Diigo is one up on Delcicious since it allows highlighting and sticky notes in addition to the bookmarking. Delicious users can import so nothing is lost in the transfer. Thanks for the post and discussion. Very helpful.


    • Irene Heimer says: 3/1/2013

      Hi, Try adding NewsAssist to your list of tools? NewsAssist is an open source Firefox add-on that provides an editor (blogger, journalist) all necessities for News Searching, Editing, Publishing, Content distribution to social media. It is a powerful tool and a great working environment that is fully integrated with Firefox. It is aimed to increase the productivity of blog and website editors without having to leave the web browser.

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