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How To Harness The Power Within Your Readers’ Blog Comments

For many bloggers, a comment is a very valuable thing, especially for new bloggers who are looking for confirmation that their voices are being heard and visitors are actually engaging their new blog. Its very satisfying when our articles are well received by our audience and we begin to build a vibrant community of dedicated readers.

The truth is that blog comments can provide a greater purpose than just feeding our egos and offers a wealth of information that can help to propel us further on our blogging journey. Blog comments contain clues to the things we may be doing wrong and what our readers really want to see.

Let us take a look at what we can learn from our blog comments.

Are Your Readers Commenting At All?

If you’ve been blogging for some time now and all you’ve been getting are a couple comments on your posts and sometimes none, it may be an indicator that you need to be doing things differently. There may be a couple articles occasionally that receive zero comments but your blog should not look like a ghost town.

If a reasonable number of readers are not commenting this may mean that:

  • You need to write more engaging, reasonably sized articles
  • Your articles need to have a call to action like the last paragraph in this post
  • Your blog design may be too cumbersome and scares your readers away
  • You have barriers to commenting like captcha forms or require readers to login
  • Your readers don’t trust your opinion
  • You don’t interact with the comments that you do have

And the list could go on. Most importantly, try reaching out to others in your niche by connecting through social networking sites or a blogging community like My Blog Guest. You will need to really put yourself out there, get social and meet some new people. Remember, being anti-social will not help your blogging career.

Lessons You Can Learn & Ideas Gained

Commenting is the quickest and easiest method for readers to provide feedback and share ideas; and oftentimes within these comments are clues that will help you to do better.

I will often create blog posts based on questions posed by readers or even ideas they may share from their own experiences. These posts offer the greatest opportunities for truly connecting with your readers as it will show that you are truly serious about blogging and value your readers’ input. This will help you to gain dedicated readers who will not only read your posts and follow your blog but spread the word for you and define you as an authority in your field.

One could say that blog comments serve the same purpose as what customer feedback would be for a large organization. So if you are looking for ideas or inspiration to do things differently, the answers may lie within your comments.

Conclusion & Discussion

Acknowledging and responding to your blog comments is key for growing a vibrant community around your blog by truly connecting with your readers. As your readers become more familiar with you and your writing, the more valuable information they will share about their experiences and ideas that will help you to become a better blogger.

How has commenting helped you on your journey and what have you learned from your readers’ comments? Do you have any tips for getting more comments? Please share your thoughts with us below, we would love to hear from you.

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  1. Joe Boyle ) says: 6/27/2010

    It’s very important to leave a question or conclusion at the very end of every post, much like you have. By doing this, you give your commentators something to comment about. Sometimes, adding a question or conclusion even makes it easier if you cannot understand the content.

    Great post, Robyn!


  2. Tek3D ) says: 6/27/2010

    Thanks for the tips to encourage comments. My blog is really like a ghost town now, and maybe the best solution for me is providing better content like you suggest.


    • Robyn from Sam's Web Guide ) says: 6/27/2010

      Thanks for commenting.

      I took a look at your blog and I would not say that it is a ghost town but more like a growing blog with lots of potential. You seem to be blogging for a while now, so maybe you need an extra push or analyze the topics your audience is most responsive to and stick with those.

      All the best! :)


  3. G Jenkins says: 6/28/2010

    When you first start blogging it sure is nice to get comments so you know that others are actually reading your blog. You have really great tips that most bloggers don’t even think of. What I found was if you remember to continually ask for comments and their feedback, you’re visitors will start leaving comments. It sounds easy but it’s true. I think by nature people need to be told what to do but I don’t mean this in a bad way!


  4. Emma says: 6/28/2010

    I confess, I like getting comments on my articles because it makes me feel important and appreciated! the comments that show they actually read the article are the best.


  5. boxhead game 24 ) says: 3/25/2011

    Thanks! for the tips to encourage comments. My blog is really like a ghost town now, and maybe the best solution for me is providing better content like you suggest…


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