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WordPress by Jazz Legends, An Infographic About the WP History


Rather like sorting the wood from the trees with Credit Loans, it is easy to forget how many versions of WordPress there have been, not to mention the release names. From the early days of WordPress 1.2, every new release is named by Matt Mullenweg after a Jazz legend, a tradition which has not changed over the years. Fans of Jazz will recognise many artists, release names, but it is easy to forget these and use WordPress release number instead. Matt often has chosen for a sax player, an instrument the WordPress founder also plays.

We looked at the names of every release, the main new features introduced with every major new version as well as the basic analysis of the self-hosted blogging software world that is the WordPress community. We then added ‘WordPress Blue’ and ended up with this infographic for you.

With thanks to the crew at Infographiclabs for another awesome infographic.

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  1. Sally Strebel ) says: 10/6/2010

    Nice infographic. We made an info graphic a little while ago- Great minds think alike. Long live WordPress. =)


  2. Nabeel Ahmed ) says: 10/7/2010

    Here’s a more detailed post about it on Seven Years Of WordPress Dashboard


  3. Erin ) says: 10/7/2010

    I feel like a complete retard for not noticing the jazz artist references sooner. No wonder I was so crazy about 3.0! Beautiful infographic, it’s got a really nice flow to it…


  4. Carsten ) says: 10/7/2010

    Great Infographic,
    Coltrane is the best!!! Hadn’t seen the Jazz-relation of WP yet, Nice!


  5. Ivan ) says: 10/7/2010

    seven years and many have provided us with WordPress plugins. hope it stays as …


  6. seriocomic ) says: 10/19/2010

    What? No mention of the original B2/Cafelog? No mention of Mike Little as the co-forker of the original code? Starts at 0.7? For those who were around BEFORE the beginning of WordPress, this rewriting of history seems slightly off…


    • Franky Branckaute ) says: 10/19/2010

      I think your use of ‘rewriting of history‘ is highly exaggerated as you mention in your own comment. Yes we did start at 0.7 and rather than write the complete WP history, we focused on the most known part of its history.


  7. Shelli Bond says: 11/3/2010

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  8. Ed says: 5/20/2011

    WordPress really rocks


  9. Antonio says: 7/9/2013

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  10. Bashir Ahmed ) says: 10/26/2013

    Wow – excellent infographic about the WordPress CMS. Really I didn’t know which plugins are best and most downloaded.

    BTW: Yoast SEO plugin is very popular plugin.

    Thanks for sharing!


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