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Should Bloggers Use Facebook’s Commenting System?

As many of you are well aware of, Facebook has launched their own commenting system which enables readers to comment upon your post without having to sign up for yet another user account or retype their name to identify themselves.

With major blogs like TechCrunch and GigaOm embracing Facebook (wholely if not partially), many bloggers are wondering whether outsourcing their comment section to the social network is a good idea or not.

While I’m personally in favor of not outsourcing one’s comment section to the social giant, here are a few reasons why you should (as well as should not) power your discussion threads via Facebook.

No Room For Trolls And Spammers

With Facebook’s heavy emphasis of real identities, readers commenting upon your articles will be forced to use their real identities which reduces random outbursts from anonymous cowards.

A few obnoxious trolls may also think twice about posting threats (which are usually an issue during controversial topics) as they could face serious repercussions in the real world.

It may also help reduce comment spam from robots as well (although human spammers will probably thrive under the new system).

More Traffic Plus More Comments?

Every time a reader comments upon your post they have an option to share your article upon their wall.

This may inspire more of their friends to visit your site, brining in not only more traffic but also more loyal readers in the long run.

With Facebook boasting over 600 million users, bloggers may see it as another way to reach out to new readers for free without having to rely upon (or rather fear) Google’s ever changing page ranking system.

Losing Community Control

The one major setback about Facebook’s commenting system is that Facebook owns your community as they company has yet to provide a way to export those comments just in case you want to leave their walled garden.

This is in contrast to other third party commenting systems (like Disqus and InstenseDebate from Automattic) who allow you to export your comments elsewhere just in case you are unsatisfied with their system.

Once your Facebook comment threads reach a certain size, blog owners may find themselves unwilling to ditch Facebook out of fear they might lose access to their community.

Alienating Readers

Despite Facebook’s massive size not everyone enjoys using the social network, and by embracing Facebook you may silence current (as well as future) readers from voicing their opinion upon your blog.

Worse by implementing Facebook’s commenting system you may prevent readers from contributing to the discussion as many companies and public libraries have started to restrict access to the social networking giant.

Should Bloggers Use Facebook’s Commenting System?

If Facebook creates a way for users to export their comments elsewhere (even if they stripped out the Facebook links to readers account) then embracing them would be an easy pill to swallow.

If Facebook in the future does make comments exportable in the future, would you consider using it? Or would you still choose another third party system (or native comments) instead?

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  1. Sean Clark ) says: 3/4/2011

    It’s just the fact of not having control and ownership of the comments that is troubling. Other than that the whole idea is a great one. From a non-business perspective this is probably fine but any business is surely going to be shy of not owning the comments made on their own blog?



  2. Permana Jayanta ) says: 3/5/2011

    I prefer not to use facebook comment for blog due to no control or dashboard for managing the comment. Maybe it is good for using facebook comment as shoutbox .. not as comment for each post


    • Greg Rickaby ) says: 3/7/2011

      I agree 100%. We tried it for one week and

      A) It was hard to style the FB comments to match our site
      B) No control, left us helpless for moderation reasons


  3. ken hill says: 3/6/2011

    Great artical, lots of good points.


  4. Fernando ) says: 3/6/2011

    Really good points,

    I’ve been evaluating using FB comments over Disqus (I currently use it).

    I agree with Sean: losing control is something I don’t want and having it is something FB loves. And not being able to later export the comments if I want to bail out is a great deterrent to adoption.

    Your “alienating” and “spam” points are very valid. I wouldn’t mind getting rid of spam :)

    I’ll skip FB for now even if it means getting less traffic


  5. Jon says: 3/7/2011

    I wondered about using Facebook for my comment section as well, but the biggest drawback for me was that I would lose some of that control. I’m no control freak, but what if I decided I didn’t want to use Facebook anymore for my comments would I lose all of those discussions on my blog? Yes, it is easier for readers to post their comments without entering their name and email address. Perhaps more people would comment, but some people like the thought of leaving anonymous comments as well. Apparently, I am still leaving a comment here even though you don’t have Facebook set up for it. lol


  6. Vic ) says: 3/9/2011

    Facebook comment system can boost our sites traffic and connectivity to the crowd of Facebook. However, I don’t use it because I still want the feature where you can approve or not a comment before it appears to your blog. Spammers can still create Facebook account for their unethical activities.


  7. Tony says: 3/10/2011

    My biggest thought on it all is the lack of control. As an owner of numerous blogs and websites I do feel I should have a lot of control and moderation mainly due to spamming abuse. If tools to fight spam are taken away then it degrades the whole internet.


  8. ahmadhaikal says: 3/13/2011

    not interested with that fb system.


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  10. Anonymous says: 8/18/2011

    Most think of it all is a lack of control. As the owner of a large number of blogs and websites, I feel that I should have much more control and restraint, the abuse of spam. If the means to combat spam is removed because it breaks the entire Internet.
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  11. luca filigheddu ) says: 3/30/2012

    It’s funny how some spammers leaved a comment here and you didn’t block them… better using the FB commenting system? :-)


  12. Sarah says: 3/2/2013

    nice job, thanks for sharing


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