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Is it Time to Make Blogging Your Career?

Many do not realize that there are two types of blogging: Blogging as a hobby, and blogging as a career. Aside from sharing the same name, these two types of blogging are quite different. They each require different skillsets and different mindsets. Unfortunately, many bloggers have the mentality that if they blog for fun then they can make blogging their career. While this is very true in many cases, this decision could go very wrong, very quickly.

Being a great writer and having experience writing for a blog is absolutely the foundation when hoping to start a career as a blogger. This, however, is not always enough. Maintaining a profitable blog is difficult work and requires constant upkeep. Below are some of the things that will change when you go from blogging for fun to blogging for a profit:

Top 5 Changes a Blogger Needs to Make When Flipping a Blog for Profit

1.    You are no longer writing for only yourself, so your focus/topics may change.

I think that many people who blog for fun enjoy putting out their own opinions. They want to see what others have to say and they want to get out all of their thoughts. In a sense, this is exactly where blogging started. Unfortunately, your opinions don’t always sell. This is a great way to spend your time blogging, but it won’t necessary make you any money. If you really want to profit from your blog and make blogging your career, you are going to have to do research and identify your target audience. You will want to make sure your blog has a clear focus and the random rambling is kept to a minimum. Some blogs with content all over the place are profitable, but not many.

2.    You will need to guest post on other sites.

You want to make sure that your blog has a high Google PageRank (PR) so you can attract investors and more experienced writers and readers. In most cases, the higher the PR the higher you will appear on a Google search engine page; thus driving more traffic to your site. One of the ways to make this happen is to guest post on other blogs and then link back to your blog. This sounds simply enough, but many bloggers quickly realize that this is a lot of extra work and the results come to you slowly. You will also need to follow the guidelines and topic categories for the site where you’re hoping to guest post, and this can be difficult for bloggers who are used to writing whatever they want.

3.     You will need to edit and accept guest posts

This is not completely necessary, but it is extremely beneficial so most bloggers want to take advantage. Accepting guest posts on your blog gives you more time to guest post on other blogs and brings in a new audience. Chances are your guest writer will share his/her article through social media and give your blog some great publicity. Nonetheless, this is more work than most anticipate when they decide they’re going to try and make money from blogging.

4.    You will need to find and speak with potential advertisers

This is something that is usually foreign to those who have a blog for fun. You will need to prepare facts and statistics to try and sell your blog to these potential advertisers. It’s a world of rejection and frustration, and the process is very slow. You must have an authoritative blog (high PR) before a good advertiser will even want to speak with you. It is important to realize that this is where you make your money. This means that you will have to work very hard to create something and then you will be able to make your money.

5.    Social media will be more important

Most bloggers are fairly social media fluent. The only difference when you’re trying to earn a profit is the idea that you will have to connect with powerful people. This will improve the credibility of your blog. In many cases, bloggers create separate social media accounts for their now profitable blog. This is, therefore, twice as much social media work than before.

When deciding if you should try and be a full-time professional blogger, being passionate about blogging is one of the driving factors.  However, it’s important that you realize some of the challenges that full-time bloggers have in front of them before quitting your day job.

Did you go from blogging for fun to making blogging your career? What challenges were you unprepared to face?

Amanda DiSilvestro is a writer on topics ranging from social media to background checks. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including voip phone systems to small businesses and entrepreneurs for the leading lead generation company, Resource Nation.

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  1. Jamie Northrup ) says: 2/1/2012

    Great post Amanda, most my blog style websites are started for fun (or the add something extra in my portfolio since i’m a web consultant), and they end up making money, but never as much as the websites (mostly niche) that I create with the goal of making money.

    For 2012, I want to try and turn my hobby blogs into real money makers, because as much as I make decent money from niche websites, I much rather spend my time on my blogs because they are based on my interests.

    With that said, I’ve already started speaking with advertisers, and worked on my social media habits for each one, but still need to put more effort into guest posting.


    • Amanda DiSilvestro ) says: 2/1/2012

      Sounds great. I think you make a good point when you say you blogs are based on your interests. I think a lot of people already have profitable businesses such as websites (most do in fact), so it can be a big change and a big leap to go for it with a blog.

      Please let us know how it goes! I’m interested to hear if you find that it’s a difficult transition.


      • Jamie Northrup ) says: 2/1/2012

        Will keep you update for sure, the hardest part is that I have so many blogs based on my interests, so I’m working on a “master” plan to have everything organized properly ;)


  2. Ron's Copy-e-writing Blog ) says: 2/2/2012

    Opinions NEED to sell! This is so important and most bloggers who are just setting out forget to put on their business-mind hat.


  3. Kate says: 2/2/2012

    Nice post. Thanks a lot for such informative description of the difference between two types of blogging – it make clear lots of points.


  4. Dean Saliba ) says: 2/2/2012

    I decided to make the transition last year and it is too a LOT of getting used to but slowly and surely I’m getting there. I haven’t started offering guest posts on other blogs yet as I’m still rather self-conscious about my writing abilities. :)


    • Amanda DiSilvestro ) says: 2/2/2012

      It’s always good to feel confident in your writing before you go talking with editors. If they don’t like you’re writing once, you might have lost them forever! I think one thing that might work well for you is talking with those who guest post on your site. You already have a relationship with them, and they already appreciate you allowing them to post on your blog. Let them know you’re still self-conscious about your writing, and I bet they’d be happy to give you pointers and edit your work =)


  5. Marty Rogers ) says: 2/3/2012

    I have been writing for a few years now but can’t seem to keep focused long enough to bang out more than one lengthy post in one day! It’s very frustrating, does anybody have any ideas or tips?


    • Amanda DiSilvestro ) says: 2/3/2012

      I would try writing one early in the morning and one at night. At least this way you will get two posts. If you’re considering guest posting, there are a few tricks you can use. I sometimes find an article that I’ve already written and take a different spin or a different angle on the topic. This way I really only have to research/write half an article because I can keep the same basic information. It helps me write much faster!


  6. SaratogaMama ) says: 2/8/2012

    You are spot on with this article. There is a slight bit of selling your soul when yo start blogging for money and especially when it comes to promoting advertisers. I feel incredibly lucky that I have been able to make money blogging but now my blog is turning into more of a website with less and less of my personality. Yes that is okay, but certainly not what I had intended when I started. Thanks for this article!


    • Amanda DiSilvestro ) says: 2/9/2012

      Thanks for reading! I think that many people don’t realize that when you try and make your blog profitable, it will change. Before doing so, I think it’s important to decide if you’re really ready to handle it. Great points =)


  7. Adriana says: 2/24/2012

    thanks for share!


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