Top 8 SEO Blogs You Should be Reading

Many bloggers are asked to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) so that an article that the blogger wrote will rank well on a Google results page. As a blogger myself, I know that WordPress often makes it pretty easy to “get through” SEO—there is a space for Meta keywords, a space for tags, and a space for Meta description. Bloggers can easily just fill in these spaces and continue onto the next project.

However, there is actually quite a bit of SEO information available that could really help bloggers. If bloggers really understood SEO, they would better understand:

  • Topics that have the opportunity to rank well on Google. This will help a blogger’s writing gain more exposure.
  • The meaning of Meta data and how Google uses Meta data. Understanding this information will help again improve the SEO and overall visibility of an article.
  • Any changes that are occurring with Google algorithms. These updates often change a website’s approach to content (usually for the better).
  • Bloggers are more marketable if they really understand SEO.

I have found that the easiest way for a blogger to learn more about SEO and stay current in the SEO sphere is by doing what he/she does best—reading different blogs. Below is a list of my favorite SEO blogs (in no particular order) that could really help educate a blogger about the more advanced aspects of SEO:

Top 10 SEO Blogs for Bloggers

1. Higher Visibility – This blog always seems to explain SEO information in a way that is concise and easy to understand. In other words, it is a PR 6 blog for a reason.

2. Search Engine Optimization Journal – Managed by long-time SEO expert Nick Stamoulis, this blog is always looking to educate.

3. Search Engine Journal – This blog offers a wealth of information and breaks SEO down into different categories to help keep so much information organized. Also a PR 6 site.

4. SEOMoz – This is by far one of the most authoritative sites in the SEO world. The articles shared here are always incredibly detailed with step by step instructions and screenshots that help make sure you’re understand absolutely any aspect of SEO.

5. Search Engine Land – This is where I go to get all of my updates about any changes that Google is making. They talk with Google directly and always have the most up-to-date information the minute it happens.

6. Search Engine Watch – This PR 7 site offers top quality information featured on an easy to navigation website. Need I say more?

7. Search Engine Roundtable – This blog also offers breaking news in the SEO world, and you’ll often find this at the top of SERPs. Although only a PR 3, the content is top quality.

8. SEO Book – This site is also great for tutorials and screenshots in order to help educate. Aaron Wall is one of the top SEO experts in the field and manages this blog.

It is certainly not necessary for the average blogger to be keeping up with all of these different blogs, but consider finding one or two that you enjoy. If you can’t seem to find the information you need or something that interests you, move on to the next.

What SEO blogs do you read to help improve your SEO skills?

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Amanda DiSilvestro is a writer on topics ranging from social media to 401k services. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including document software to small businesses and entrepreneurs for a lead generation website, Resource Nation. 

Author: Amanda DiSilvestro

Amanda DiSilvestro gives small business and entrepreneurs SEO advice ranging from keyword density to recovering from Panda and Penguin updates. She writes for the nationally recognized SEO Company that offers online marketing services to a wide range of companies across the country.

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  1. Great list, thanks. Totally agree that WordPress is making life much easy these days. I’m starting to regret building my blog from custom PHP, there’s really no reason to now…

    • I’m sure it will look great! I do love WordPress, but custom certainly has its perks once all the hard work is over. Good luck and thanks for reading!

    • I agree that this is a pretty good list of the major SEO blogs that I like to read. I would just add that I like to read Warrior forum.

    • This blog is great, and very helpful for my SEO business! We too use wordpress and find it so user friendly. In fact it is so user friendly that when we set up our clients with sites, sometimes we deliberately use wordpress for the CMS if they want to be able to make minor changes themselves, because we know how user friendly wordpress is!

  2. thanks for posting your articles so often, every day i access your website and check for updates. so i am always informed.

  3. If you ask me, I give my full support to Rand Fishkin and Aaron Wall. I love Aaron’s personalized yet detailed explanations.

  4. And I don’t think you are the only one 🙂 They are both wildly popular–and for good reason!

  5. So far, I’ve been using only the search engine land and search engine journal.After the Google’s panda update, I find that no SEO formula is working the way it used to work pre-panda stages.only a few sites are ruling the Internet and I guess without invincible inspiration to keep publishing no SEO can help us( new bloggers) to grow.

    • I think many of us feel that way and in many instances you’re probably right, but it’s never a good idea to just give up! SEO is a loonnng process, and I find that many of these blogs give great insight into how you can begin trying to optimize your site.

      Does anyone else have any advice for pagetron?

      • Pagetron,
        SEO is like a football game but with a twist that the NFL changes the rules every season. Staying on top is about adjusting your plays and strategy for the new game set. What makes it fun is that Google only hints at the rules and doesn’t tell you when your out of bounds. Learn from your penalties and keep playing with more gut and grit.

        • pagetron says:

          Hi Amanda and Nelson,
          Thank you so much for giving me some encouragement.Now, I am trying to concentrate more on social media and also trying to branding my blogs for its own niche. I think we all have the power to follow our interest with passion and I am just following my heart.Thank you so much.

  6. Higher Visibility is a good place to build our solid SEO knowlege!

    • Amanda DiSilvestro says:

      Definitely! And they offer SEO services (in addition to a blog). Definitely an awesome site.

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  26. Great list of top seo blogs. Aaron Wall is one of my tops. Most of them have been around for a very long time so you know they are legit.

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