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7 Blogging Tips that Always Work

The success of a blog depends on the coverage of people it has reached. It is just ironic that with millions of people connected via Internet, you’re already lucky if your blog gets read by one person per day. You can write a blog with perfect grammar and impeccable coherence but none of those can assure you a wider audience.
I’m not discouraging you from writing with good content. I am actually here to give you some tips on how your blog can be a sure-fire hit among Netizens all over the world.


1.      Blog about what you really like to write.

It’s already a given, but still, a lot of people forget this important concept. It is difficult to write about something that you know only half of.

Do not make your blog just a spur of a moment. Blogs need to be updated regularly so that your audience can have something to look forward to. If you’ve got no passion about what you are writing about, it will be difficult to sustain and discuss or reinvent that same topic regularly.

2.      Know your target readers.

Would you blog about steaks if the site you are working on is for vegetarians? If yes, congratulations, you just made yourself some enemies.

Most of the time, knowing your target readers depends on your host sites. For instance, if you would be blogging on men’s health, you’d need to divulge adult content in the most professional but interesting way.

If you prefer blogging on WordPress or Blogspot, targeting an audience will depend on how and which sites you will promote your blog to.

3.      Be consistent in creating ideas that would excite your readers more.

Actually, featuring steaks on a site for vegetarians is not totally a bad idea. It depends, though, on how you can be creative about it. You can actually improve this to suggest recipes on how you can substitute fish meat as the protein partner of a delicious steak sauce.

The point is, introduce fresh insights to your blogs. You can either observe current trends or events and discuss them, or start a trend yourself! Treat your blog to a “creative” makeover every once in a while.

If you run out of fresh insights, reach out to your readers and get some suggestions of what they want to get out of your blog. Remember, necessity is the mother of invention.

4.      Use the power of social media.

Since a lot of people are on social networking sites, might as well use that to your advantage. But if you will promote your blogs, reach out to people on a personal level. Sending in random advertisements of your blog to random people won’t make much magic. They may even be cautious in opening it, thinking it’s a bug.

Gather people or friends who might be interested in your blog topic. Seek for their support or personal feedback. In this way, they would know the source is reliable and if they find it interesting, your chances of being “shared” increases.

5.      Communicate with other bloggers with the same niche.

Sometimes, you need to transcend beyond online anonymity. Your fellow bloggers will not be that accommodating in giving you more in-depth blogging tips if you do not approach them. If for instance, you are blogging about fashion, try to participate in fashion events where other bloggers will also be there. Get to know them personally and start a conversation about your passion. This will help you create a wider network for your blog and even discover wonderful friendships.

6.      Accept guest blogs.

Guest blogs actually pose a lot of advantages: For example, you want to contribute a post for an affiliate marketing site, (1) you get to introduce new topics without the effort of thinking it over and over, (2) patrons of your guest blogger will increase direct traffic, and (3) you can promote your link to your guest blog’s site.

7.      Do proper SEO for your site.

Working on your keywords, link building and social bookmarking help you get on top of search engines and get featured more on various high-end sites. This not only increases your chances of being viewed but also encourages the increased rating in your AdSense for more profit.

Whatever your purpose for blogging is, there are many ways that you can make the most out of its advantages. Keep experimenting and just enjoy. As long as you enjoy what you’re writing and you keep offering fresh ideas, people will also find enjoyment in following your blog.

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  1. Harsh Agrawal ) says: 6/25/2012

    Thanks for the useful tips and the best take away is right something which you enjoy.. This way you will connect with readers who share the same views and they are more likely to engage more on future posts…
    Also instead of racing for traffic…try more for targeted traffic..


    • shungu says: 6/25/2012

      i agree with you harsh, and you have point we must try to get trageted visitors to our blog


    • Kyle Kam ) says: 6/25/2012

      Hey Harsh,

      Thank you too for lending your time on reading it. I really want bloggers to understand that their targeted audience is important more that anything. Traffic is good, but targeted traffic seems better. Thanks.


  2. vhf says: 6/25/2012

    all secret information


  3. Andi Leeman ) says: 6/26/2012

    Hi great read, passion in a subject is vitally important, it is hard to write about something that doesn’t interest you, and it certainly will show in your writing which will put readers off. Oh and as a vegetarian I would rather not read about stakes lol ;-)



  4. Earl says: 7/2/2012

    Couldn’t agree more with #1. It isn’t #1 for nothing, yet a lot of people take it for granted. Writing for something you couldn’t care less about will just leave you exhausted and too tired to think of your next blog post.


  5. Eusebio Arroyo says: 10/10/2012

    Thank you Kyle. ;)