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Successful Blog Writing For Your Business


There is not enough time to discuss all the different ways that businesses can use SEO services and various SEO tools. We could spend days talking about the best way to build communities around your business, creating keywords, keyword research, etc.

There are many building blocks in the SEO process and one of the ways to obtain successful SEO is to know how to use the building blocks. Blogging is a great method of SEO that helps with creating backlinks, helps strengthen your community, and allows businesses to connect through their customers.

This blog is going to help you with successful blogging for your business.

Interesting Blogs

Now, just like any other form of writing, when you are writing a blog for your company, you want the content to be interesting and informative. People use blogs to gain information and sometimes look for new ways to apply the information they have learned. But how can you tell if your blog is interesting? Well, you are going to want to ask some questions as a start.

Now when we put ask questions, we are not really referring to asking personal questions to yourself, we are talking about the blog itself asking questions. What questions are your blogs going to answer? Questions show the path to purpose, people are looking for information, but to what questions?

Your best bet is going to be to write out a list of questions on your topic that you think your blog is going to answer. Obviously you are not going to use every question you come up with because well, you want to keep it somewhat short. But writing out the questions is allowing your brain to exercise and get the creative blog juices flowing.

Once you have written down all those questions, you are going to narrow your list down to a mere question or two.

Researching For Blogs

Now most people may imagine blogs as a way to share all the knowledge you may already know on a topic. Wrong. Blogs are focused around questions and in order to answer questions, you need to do some research. People turned to blogs because it is easier than having to travel to multiple sources to get answers or an understanding of their question.

So you want to spend time on research for your blog to be successful. SEO online always preaches about good content in SEO, so research is going to help make your blog content valuable.

Creating A Cycle

Now the real trick to blogging is combining everything we have discussed so far and turning it into a cycle. Writing a blog is a process, especially if you want valuable information through your blog. When you started your blog, you started by asking questions and narrowing those questions down.   Once you narrowed those questions down, you begin to research the answers. Well, once you start researching, you are going to stumble across more questions that your blog could answer. Don’t write these questions off, throw them in the pattern until you have a solid blog.

Robert has been researching the best SEO tools for the past 5 years in an effort to educate businesses about the benefit of SEO services, and how they can help businesses develop into Internet Marketing.

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  1. Patsy Mcdaniel says: 5/22/2013

    These are wonderful tips. I agree that the most difficult part of the process is turning the seemingly small tasks into a cycle. It is even harder to maintain that cycle and continue to be a successful blog writer, at least in terms of consistency. I love how you suggest using questions as a way to make the process more repeatable (or more like a pattern). Thank you for sharing the tips Robert.


  2. SFP says: 5/22/2013

    Thank you for sharing the tips Robert. I agree that the most difficult part of the process is turning the seemingly small tasks into a cycle.


  3. Ronnie Rudy says: 6/18/2013

    We do blogging not only for fun, but at the same time to earn some money. I agree, there are many tips we can discover but not all tips could be applicable and appropriate to us, shall we say we need to choose what could be the best for us.