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20 Best Blogging Apps for Android and iOS


Our Ultimate List of Best Apps for Bloggers

Thanks to the following blogging apps for Android and iOS, managing your website strictly from a desktop computer is now a thing of the past. You have the power to create, edit, and handle every aspect of your blogging needs on the go, including the management of your social media accounts and analytics.

In addition to a previous roundup, here are some more useful apps for bloggers of all shapes and sizes.

Storage, Notes and Data Management


Pocket allows you to save multimedia sources (such as articles and videos) for later. Useful if you must conduct important research at a later time or while on the go. It provides several reading modes, the ability to organize your saved sources and easily search for them.

Google Play | App Store

Cogi (Note-taking)

Take notes and store your thoughts conveniently, enabling you to capture those important details for your next blog post. Include images, text and tags to ensure every piece of information is safely stored and neatly organized.

Google Play | App Store


Evernote is a great note-taking app that lets you sync your notes throughout all your devices. You can create notes, to-do lists, save webpages, and even put your own comments in your saved documents. Moreover, you can also put a password on your files for privacy.

Google Play | App Store

Google Keep

With Google Keep you can add and store notes, photos, audio, and then organize them with easily-accessible labels and various colors for later finding.

Other features include note reminders, the ability to record a voice memo and subsequently having it transcribed by the app. Also don’t miss GoKeep for iOS.

Google Play | App Store

Google Drive

Store Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and other multimedia files. Perhaps its greatest feature is the syncing to other Google-enabled devices, thus allowing bloggers to access the data wherever they are.

Google Play | App Store

Blog Post Management and Enhancement


The popular platform has quickly become one of the most used, best blogging apps for Android and iOS users. Perform the most common tasks right on your phone and manage posts, check statistics and other WordPress-related goodies. Compatible with and its self-hosted counterpart.

Google Play | App Store


The Blogger app provides all the features you know and love from the platform. Edit new and existing posts, switch between accounts, embed multimedia, label your entries and more.

Google Play | App Store


Writer was designed with simplicity in mind, helping you focus on your next blog post without the unnecessary distractions of traditional word processors. Ideal for jotting down brief ideas to polishing a long blog post with thousands of words.

Our iOS pick works in a similar fashion and it’s highly recommended.

Google Play | App Store

Bloggers deal a lot with words, thus making the app a must-have. Learn a new word through its Word of the Day feature, learn how to pronounce them, translate them into more than 30 languages among other benefits.

Google Play | App Store

Data Sharing and Gathering

best apps for bloggers


The best blogging apps for Android and iOS often provide something in common: The ability to multi-task. Every blogger knows the importance of spreading their latest blog posts. Hootsuite manages and schedules your posts across multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Google Play | App Store


Keeping up with multiple social media accounts is overwhelming, and this is where Buffer comes to the rescue. Schedule updates across your favorite networks at any given time, whether you’re around or not.

Google Play | App Store


RSS reader and content aggregator for your phone. As a blogger, you must keep up with the latest posts from other sources to inspire, educate, and help you grow your blogging business.

Google Play | App Store


For those who are looking to dive into email marketing, or simply build an email list, Mailchimp is a great app to use. The app tracks your new subscribers, view the performance of your emails, and categorize your subscribers to lists. You can also connect Mailchimp to your blog so that new readers can join your mailing list.

Google Play | App Store

Analytics and Organization


Build unlimited tasks, get reminders to your inbox, synchronize between devices, organize by categories, colors, priority levels and much more. Simply put, this is a blogger’s procrastination killer. Undoubtedly one of the best apps for bloggers, both novices and experienced.

Google Play | App Store

Google Analytics

Access your Google Analytics account from your phone and stay up to date with your website and audience behavior. Perfect for bloggers with multiple and popular websites.

Google Play | App Store


IFTTT stands for If This, Then That. It is an amazing app that lets you connect all your apps and devices with each other to do automated tasks for you. It can log calls on a Google Sheet when you call on your phone, it can upload your Instagram photos on your Twitter as native photos, or even simply lets your AI Assistant turn on your porch lights at a certain time. If you’re looking to automate things with your blog and socials, IFTTT is the app for you.

Google Play | App Store

Multimedia and Editing

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Photo editing tools are essential for bloggers, considering that online publications thrive on visual content. Photo Editor Pro supports everything you could possibly need and expect, from simple cropping to advanced photo enhancing tools. Also check out our pick for iOS.

Google Play | App Store

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe programs are known for its editing capabilities, and its Lightroom app does that for free. You can easily adjust your photo’s brightness, contrast, white balance, etc. on your phone. If you’re not sure how to edit your photo, Lightroom also has an Auto feature that lets the app automatically fix your photo.

Google Play | App Store

InShot Video Editor

VivaVideo is an easy-to-use, powerful video editing app for your phone. Highly convenient for video bloggers, especially if you often rely on viral video content or record your own footage offline.

Google Play | App Store


Canva is like pocket graphic designer. It lets you easily design a logo, a poster, or even Instagram stories with their app. It also helps that they have built-in library with numerous templates, icons, and photos available for their users to use.


What are your personal best blogging apps? Can you name some noteworthy alternatives? Let us know in the comments.

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