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How to Set Reasonable Blogging Goals You Can Achieve

The times have changed. There are now countless opportunities to earn money.

One of which is through blogging.

Blogging isn’t just a platform to vent out and share information. Now, it’s considered one of the most profitable online businesses.

However, you need to build your blog from the ground up. It starts by developing a solid content strategy.

This allows you to publish content with the help of different monetization techniques. Doing this helps generate income that can match any full-time job’s salary.

In this post, you will learn how to set blogging goals that you can reach and attain over a period. Doing so allows you to be accountable with your progress and make strides over time.

Let’s go!

Start with long-term goals

Starting on your long-term goals increases success rate because you’re still brimming with energy. Long term goals are usually harder to achieve, thus it’s best to start working on it early.

You can also work your way down to smaller goals once you’ve started with these. Your weekly and daily goals are small stepping stones to your long-term goals. Thus, start on these builds a solid foundation for succeeding milestones.

Brainstorm what you want your blog to have. Don’t put a time limit on your goals. Be patient as they’ll be achieved at the right time.

Examples of long-term goals are earning $3,000 monthly from your blog. Or perhaps getting 5,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook. You might also want to publish an e-book weekly.

Long terms can be as or as small as you’d want. Don’t worry if you set “impossible” goals. It’s better to have very high goals so it won’t hurt much if you fail. Instead of setting moderate goals where failures become disastrous.

Annual goals

Focus on yearly achievements once you’ve got an idea of what you want your blog to become. Your first year is more about getting you set up. You’ll then build your blog towards achieving long-term goals in the next years.

Examples of first-year goals are having a fully-developed web design or writing one post daily. You can also work on gaining 10,000 email subscribers. Or maybe get your first 1 millionth visitor. Gaining 100,000 followers on your blog’s Facebook and Twitter pages is also a good idea.

Blog monetization should also be done in the first year as this is your lifeblood.

Monthly goals

Your monthly goals are stepping stones to your yearly goals. Think of what to do monthly to achieve your goals for the year. An example would be finishing one chapter every month to finish your e-book by year-end.

If you plan to publish a 100-page e-book, then write around 8 pages monthly. You can also brainstorm on how you can reach 5,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. Would you have a social media contest every month?

Or perhaps think of other ways on how to make money with your blog. Implementing a new monetization strategy monthly is also a good idea.

Weekly goals

Weekly goals are your monthly goals’ smaller version. However, they still point you in the right direction. Do something on a weekly basis to achieve your monthly goals. A great example would be sending your blog’s best article for the week to your email list subscribers.

You can also have a different homepage advertisement weekly. Analyze your monthly goals and think of things you can do weekly to make it happen.

Daily Goals

The age-old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” can be applied to blogging. You need to do the right things to your blog every day to avoid problems. Know what to do for the day and plan on how you’re going to end it.

Of course, you need to sit down in front of your computer and write blog posts. That’s good, but not all the time as you might be exerting all your effort in the wrong place. Have variation in your daily tasks.

Don’t just write. Dwell on other areas such as your social media campaign and email newsletters. You might also want to watch a WordPress video tutorial every day to improve your technical capabilities.

Review your goals regularly

Review your goals regularly

Work towards achieving all your goals together. But not to the point of worrying about everything. Consistency is key to a successful blog. Reviewing your goals regularly sets you in the right direction. There’s nothing wrong in dreaming big, as long as you stay humble.


Making money with your blog is great, but never let it get in your head. What’s important is to keep improving and finding different ways to improve your blog.

Never settle and rest on your laurels — always stay hungry!

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