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7 Powerful Ways to Brand Your Blog

Tips to brand your blog and improve its image

Have you ever considered what type of image you want your blog to present? Branding typically helps your blog stand out by portraying more professionalism, trust, and authority.

Even if your goal is to keep things simple, you should still adapt some kind of pattern or feature that helps your target audience recognize and identify with your content more effectively.

In no particular order, let’s look at seven powerful ways to brand your blog.

Choose Your Main Focus

While there are exceptions to the rule, the most successful brands have always focused on a specific theme.

Now, the term “Theme” here may be somewhat broad, and that’s okay. Your blog’s niche doesn’t necessarily have to be very narrow and “free of competition” to classify as a successful brand. For example, Blogging Pro focuses on all things blogging/marketing/writing and (in my opinion) they have done quite nicely over the years.

All in all, speak to an audience that follows a certain theme and refrain from deviating.

Adapt a Distinctive Voice

Do you want to deliver a serious, conservative tone as a way to brand your blog? Are you looking to impress readers with witty and funny content?

Moreover, your writing style also plays a big part here. I generally prefer a conversational tone as opposed to “proper” grammar and style because it really resonates with the average person. In many cases, however, you may need to adapt a different voice to better serve your specific audience.

Implement a Memorable Feature

create business brand

This is where blogging gets fun, as you can come up with all sorts of memorable ideas to stand out.

Additionally, being distinctive doesn’t have to consist of reinventing the wheel, as even the smallest things can easily help people relate to you over time. For example:

Start every post with a memorable quote
Start with a thought-provoking question related to your content
Post a monthly article detailing your success and failures so far
Be known for your weekly giveaways
Create a mascot, like this little guy on Social Media Examiner
Curse like a sailor without a care in the world (depending on your audience)
Conduct interviews every Monday, without fail
Launch a weekly YouTube show, packed with a catchy title

The sky is the limit here, as any ongoing habit makes for a great way to brand your blog successfully.

Select a Layout Structure

Selecting your website’s main layout is a fun, but big challenge because this is one of the very first things visitors notice.

Are you a new startup looking for a corporate feel? In contrast, do you focus on putting people at ease? The latter may call for a minimalist design as shown by the Zen Habits blog, a source that rarely (if ever) uses images or any bloated sidebar items.

How do you want to make people feel when they visit your blog?

Color Matters

brand your blog

Speaking of layouts, let’s talk about another kind of “theme” – this one refers to your website’s color palette and overall visual presentation.

A website’s main color often makes people feel a certain way or causes the blog to be perceived in a specific fashion. This is why some parenting or “Mommy blogs” sometimes use pink, while a site with a darker tone may opt for gray or black.

Careful, though, as colors don’t always paint an accurate picture and are sometimes plain wrong in evoking the emotion you aim for. This post by Help Scout clearly details the psychology of colors when it comes to marketing and branding. It’s well worth a read!

Get Some Assistance

Even if you’re multi-talented, chances are you don’t dominate every single one of your skills.

A freelance writer may have basic SEO knowledge, for example, but that’s as far as his marketing skills go. Likewise, he or she may lack the copywriting skills required to draw attention to a sales page.

For this reason, successful branding often requires that you contract external help to take your business to another level.

I had previously worked with plugin developers to modify existing tools and make them feel closer to my “desired feel.” What technical aspects do you think could use some tweaking on your end?

Connect and Make Friends

As shallow as this may sound, associating with known people can gradually make others see you in a more positive light, serving as am effective way to brand your blog.

Let’s say you found a gossip blog and the owner takes one or two pictures with a celebrity. Wouldn’t you think of the author as a legitimate and authoritative source with insider knowledge? I sure as hell would.

The internet gives you access to just about anyone, requiring only some creativity to establish a strong connection.

Check out this other post on how to reach and connect with influencers.

Your Turn

How are you planning to brand your blog and elevate its image? Otherwise, are you satisfied keeping your blogging efforts simple at the moment?

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