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What if WordPress Wasn’t an Option?

I have been thinking about what the blogosphere, and my career would be like if WordPress didn’t exist. If Matt and friends had failed to produce any tangible results and improvements, which software would we all be using? Would we be blogging at all?
Many people will probably assume that some other software would have taken WordPress’ place, and until it changed its payment scheme, I would have said that Movable Type would be that software, but I have a feeling most of us would be using the various publishing scripts that we used before WordPress, as well as the free options that exist today in Blogger and others.
The effects of WordPress not existing would be interesting, and I think you’ll all agree that the blogosphere wouldn’t be the same, not even close.
What do you think it would be like without the existence of WordPress? Which blogging software would you be using, and do you think it would exist in its current form without the influence of WordPress? Am I giving WordPress too much credence in building and growing the blogosphere into what it is today? Let me know in the comments below.