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WordPress Plugin: Advanced Exporter

A feature I’ve been wondering about for a while is the built-in export tool in WordPress. I’ve always found it really limited in nature and use. It was always designed more as a migration tool or a backup tool than something that you could use to export in various ways, but thankfully, that hasn’t limited others, and now Advanced Exporter could be a plugin that will become part of my standard toolbox for WordPress.
I found out about it from WPTavern and this is what Jeff had to say:

With it, you can easily export a single category of a blog to import into another. That is something many people have wanted an easy way to do for a long time. You can also use the restrictions to create multiple WXR files in case you can’t import a single large file. Also worthy of note as that this plugin was entered into the WeblogToolsCollection plugin competition for 2009.

I’ve had many issues with large export files not being able to import in the past, and while they’ve worked hard on rectifying this issue, it does still happen. I am very excited to see how this plugin does, and I hope it is ready for prime-time use.
Check out more details on WPTavern.