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WordPress Plugin: WP-phpMyAdmin

Getting everything in one area is the ultimate goal for many of the people modifying WordPress, and today Christopher Hwang has released another such plugin, moving phpMyAdmin controls right into your admin console of WordPress.

I put this together because I wanted to have access to phpMyAdmin from the admin console in WordPress. I was basically getting sick and tired of separate logins and windows in order to access the database directly.
It is a very simple plugin to use. Follow the instructions for installing it and away you go! You don’t even have to go through the trouble of going through their setup script or creating their config file. Everything has been done for you and the settings from your WordPress setup will be passed over.
Some of the features have been removed or changed slightly for things to work and to maintain security. However you’ll find that most of the things you are used to are still available. Due to the changes that I made, you will only be able to access the phpMyAdmin console from within your WordPress admin console. Trying to link directly will bomb!

Check it out at Silpstream.