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20 Websites to Download Free Images to Reuse

Most websites simply cannot thrive with some type of multimedia feature. Thankfully, the use of images helps provide a simple, effective way of transforming your blog and keeping it highly engaging.

The problem often lies in the type of image used for your everyday articles. Sometimes we insert a photo not because we are happy with it, but rather because we are settling for it. This is usually due to a lack of high quality sources that get buried among countless low quality competitors.Read More »20 Websites to Download Free Images to Reuse

4 of the Best Email Marketing Tools for Bloggers

Did you know that there are almost 4 billion email users checking their emails at least once every day?

This reason is why not putting any effort into growing your email list is almost a crime (not really, but you know what I mean)!

Email marketing offers plenty of opportunities to engage your target audience. From newsletter emails to lead nurturing emails, you can take your customer service to a whole new level just by personalizing your campaigns and sending the right email content.

Your emails don’t just keep your subscribers in the loop but they also establish your brand trustworthiness. Not to mention the return traffic you will generate from the emails you keep sending to them.

Therefore, if you have yet to launch your email campaign as a blogger, it’s high time to do so now!

Below are four of the best email marketing tools guaranteed to help bloggers jumpstart their email campaigns and generate more traffic and potential sales:

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Create Professional Surveys Easily With Survey Anyplace (We’re Giving Away Pro Plans)

A challenge all bloggers face is to create high-quality content that is interesting and relevant. 

Fun quizzes and gamified surveys are an effective way to engage with your audience and serve up your content in a different way. They also help you get some insights in return.

With today’s technology, there’s no excuse for boring surveys or quizzes. That’s why there are tools to make your life easier, and Survey Anyplace is one of them. The platform offers ingenious ways to engage people and provide you with better insights.
Read More »Create Professional Surveys Easily With Survey Anyplace (We’re Giving Away Pro Plans)

Use These Visual Content Tools to Hook Users

Cliché it may be, but “a picture paints a thousand words” is something every blogger should bear in mind. While content is often associated with text, visuals shouldn’t be excluded from the equation. In fact, visual content elevates what you have to offer and hooks your readers in.

In the past year, we’ve discovered visual content tools which have not only add aesthetic value but also provided easier presentation of concepts. Here are some of these tools which we recommend.Read More »Use These Visual Content Tools to Hook Users

The Age of Analytics: New-Age Tools to Boost Website Performance


There’s a premium placed on website analytics the same way search engine optimization (SEO) was valued by small businesses and startups years ago. Compared to other online marketing strategies, SEO allows them to promote their websites and reach their target audience without breaking bank. This is done by using different SEO tools to help them formulate campaigns to boost their search rankings for their chosen keyword.

Through website analytics, online businesses can track and measure the results of their marketing campaigns to see which among the tactics employed worked and which ones didn’t. Using the data they gathered, they can formulate a brand new campaign that emphasizes on the effective strategies from past campaigns. Doing this allows them to lean up on their marketing efforts by making more efficient decision, which in turn helps them spend wisely for their campaigns.

A recent report created by Econsultancy in their Internet Statistic Compendium attests to this. According to their research, the 73% of companies who use websites to gather intelligence reports from their target market do so for the purpose of increasing efficiency (58%), enable more informed decisions (51%), and reduce the risk (42%).

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SEO Factors to Consider When Registering for a Domain


What’s in a domain name, you might ask? While registering for a domainin sites like this one here isa breeze, choosing of your domain nameis the difficult part.

If you already have an established brand, then you’ll probably want to use it as your domain name to maintain consistency with your branding. However, if you’re juststarting out and wish to build your online brand as fast as possible, then you needto understand what rolesearch engine optimization (SEO) plays with the domain name you decide to use.

Following the best SEO practices enables you to makethe most out of your blogand rank for your chosenkeyword. By ranking on the first page of Google search results, you increase yourchances of getting found by your target audience.

(If you have yet to choose a dedicated keyword to optimize for your blog, readHow to Do Keyword Research: A Beginner’s Guideand learn how do conduct a keyword researchthe right way!)

But before SEO can change the way you approach building yourblog and creating content, you need to apply it on thedomain name you plan on using. Beloware factors that you need to consider for domain name to maximize performance of your blog.

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