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Top Reasons Web Hosting Providers Are Worth Your Extra Pennies

For those who are new to owning a website, it can be tough to find the right website hosting provider. There are tons of different features a web hosting provider can offer, but it’s tough to know exactly what all of these features mean. For this reason, many hopeful website owners skim down a list of “top rated” web hosting providers and look at the price and the number of stars that each was awarded. This is an easy way to quickly assess a web hosting provider without having to go into in-depth research about all of the different features. Most of these features a basic blog owner wouldn’t need to know anyways, right?

The truth is, choosing a web hosting provider based on price and where it ranks according to a certain site isn’t a good idea. Many first-time website owners assume that it is the design and the content that will help a website sink or swim, and while these aspects are extremely important, the right web hosting provider should be added to that list. In other words, opting for an inexpensive web hosting provider could very well cause your site to fail.

Top Reasons Not to Go Cheap When Choosing Web Hosting Providers

Consider below some of the things that can go wrong if you choose web hosting providers solely based on price alone:

1. Bad Customer Service – If you’re new to owning a website, you are absolutely going to have questions and problems with your website. Many website owners are either great writers or great designers, but not all are IT experts. This makes customer service very important. If you get hit with some sort of spam and your hosting provider isn’t going to help, your website could be finished until you spend a lot of money to hire a real professional.

2. Lengthy Downtime – A cheap web host may not have backup servers if the server hosting your website goes down. If your website is down, even for a short period of time, you could very well lose a large number of visitors that won’t come back. Try and make sure you find a web host that offers 99.9% uptime.

3. Missing Updates – It is vital that a web hosting provider can keep up with software changes. Missing any updates could cause your website to be lost completely, and unfortunately it’s very easy for a web host to miss this important aspect of web hosting.

4. Limited Bandwidth – Although cheap web hosts may say that they offer unlimited bandwidth, this doesn’t mean that they have to be telling the truth. Lying about “unlimited hosting” is also fairly common, so make sure you get real feedback from real people if this was going to be a selling point for you.

It’s also important to realize that just because a web host is on the expensive side does not mean that it is great quality. On that same note, just because a web host is inexpensive does not mean that it is poor quality. Finding the right web hosting providers takes a lot of research, and you should find that only those that come at a cost can actually deliver.

Do you have any experiences with cheap web hosting providers? Let us know in the comments!

Amanda DiSilvestro is a writer on topics ranging from social media to web design companies. She writes for an online resource that gives advice to small businesses and entrepreneurs for the leading business directory,

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6 Vital Qualities to Consider When Choosing a Modern Web Hosting Provider for your Blog

A reliable, secure and always-on website hosting provider is the foundation for every online venture. Whether you’re a blogger, online retailer or an app developer if your web assets are inaccessible, slow to respond or crumbles in the face of the smallest security threats, there’s little chance of success. Website availability and responsiveness are more critical in our current digital age as attention spans shrink and overall tolerance of failing sites diminish. Research shows that 40% of your site’s visitors will abandon your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Imagine the potential loss to business and readership. If an e-commerce site makes $100,000 per day, each 1 second delay could cost $2.5 million in lost  sales each year. Therefore, quality here should never be taken for granted and even for bloggers and other site owners with smaller budgets, there are many options for bolstering your hosting and presence.


Here are 6 key things to consider when choosing a web hosting provider for your modern online business. Read More

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Blogging Pitfalls: Unlimited Hosting

It’s a promise we’ve all heard before. Web hosting companies all over are offering “unlimited” hosting for mere dollars per month.

On the surface, it seems like a great deal. For a low monthly price you get to stop worrying about bandwidth and server space caps and focus on running your site. You can host as many domains, get as much traffic and store as many files as you want.

However, unlimited hosting is much more myth than reality. It just means that the host doesn’t place “hard” caps on storage and transfer and instead has replaced it with soft ones that could come back to bite you at almost any time.

Fortunately, it is a relatively avoidable pitfall if one is willing to be realistic about the limitations of such hosting and take precautions to avoid abusing it.

Read More

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Sever Overload? Why You Might Need to Upgrade Your Web Host

Believe it or not, that dreadful little message is actually a sign that your blog is doing well. If you’re holding a contest or featuring content that earns your blog a lot of page views, there is a good chance that your web host will not be able to handle the excess traffic. For this reason, it is important to plan for these big events and make sure that your server does not quit on you just when you need it the most. Your contest could be giving you great visibility, but that can all end with that little message so many bloggers have cried over:

The requested resource is temporarily unavailable due to high demand on the server

Please try this address again at a later date.

Further assistance

Please contact us if you require further assistance with your request.

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Finding Web Hosting

Lorelle is having issues with her web host, and wanted suggestions on what host to switch to. People have many answers, but they are sometimes conflicting. Is Dreamhost good or bad?

No, I’m not moving Lorelle on WordPress. In spite of the limitations, I adore blogging on my blog.

However, for over three years I’ve been dealing with a web host from hell for several of my other blogs.

It began with promises of less than 24 hours to activate my site and transfer the domain which turned into six weeks of hell, excuses, and lousy customer support. The horrors continued with massive site downtimes, excuses for lousy service, failure to upgrade PHP, MySQL, and Apache so I couldn’t even have permalinks until recently, copy and paste online technical support, and then the killer of lowering the database access level without warning by over 75% and claiming that one of my blogs crashed the shared database and I was to blame. They lowered the number. They continue to blame WordPress and my blog for being the troublemaker. I’ve had WordPress experts go in and dig around and all come up with the answer that this web host sucks.

Well, I suggest that web directories are a helpful tool in assessing if a host is good or not. I suggest checking out the Web Hosting Directory that Blog Flux has as a good start. There are more and more reviews on there each day about different companies.

It definitely helps to get an overall picture of a host before signing up with them. While I am sure everyone has a recommendation on which host to pick, I am more interested in why people pick a certain host. Did you deal with their customer service early on, and have a great experience? Were you given a test account? What made you pick a host, other than cost?

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4 Reasons Every Blogger Needs to Know U.S. Law

American Flag ImageThe Internet is a truly international creation, reaching every (or nearly every) country on the planet.

However, with that broad reach comes some very difficult legal questions. Each of those countries have their own set of laws that govern many of the legal issues on the Web including copyright, defamation, contract law, privacy and trademark and so forth.

These countries, historically, have had a great deal of autonomy to set those laws and enforce them as they see fit. However, online, legal problems routinely involve multiple nations. For example, a person in Australia can use a site hosted in Canada to infringe the copyright of someone in Germany.

This is a big part of why it’s important to not just be aware of your nation’s laws, but of other nations as well (within reason). Unfortunately though, it’s completely impractical for someone to learn even the basics of all the relevant legal areas on every country, much less keep up with the changes.

But there is one country that every blogger should study the laws of: The United States.

The reason isn’t a misguided sense of national pride or importance, but because of the practical realities of the Web. Whether you like it or not, your site’s activities are governed in large part by U.S. law and, even if you’re not a citizen or have never even visited the country, it’s laws can come back to bite you.

On that note, here are just four reasons why U.S. law is important to all bloggers, regardless of where they are located. Read More

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Significantly Speed Up Your WordPress Blog in 9 Easy Steps

Your blog’s loading speed affects more Improve WordPress Speedthan just user experience but is now a factor used by google to determine an overall ranking for your site. The reasoning is clear according to google and other search engines’ goals, which is to provide the most relevant search results from sites that offer the best user experience. Site speed is definitely something we cannot not ignore and should take advantage of every opportunity to improve.

Here are 9 effective techniques and tips that can be easily implemented to make your blog lightning fast. Read More

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Choosing The Right Websites For Guest Posts

Blog RulesThere seems to be this sense of urgency among new bloggers when it comes to writing guest posts. On the one hand the more posts you write the more exposure you receive, on the other hand if you spend all of your time writing guest posts you’re own websites content suffers. While I fully endorse attempting to receive as many in-links as possible during the start of your blogs young life It’s also important to realize that quality will almost always trump quantity.

I’m often asked how our readers should go about choosing which sites to submit guest posts to and the answer is actually quite simple. If you’re going to write you should write what you know about and target your own vertical/niche. So exactly how do you go about doing this? Here are some simple steps you can take to prepare for submissions and when investigating potential guest post destinations.

1. Understand the Vertical you Plan to Target

If you’ve just started a technology blog it wouldn’t hurt to understand exactly what type of technology you plan to target, for example if you plan to focus on advances in web hosting technology it would make more sense to target other web hosting reviews and web hosting technology blogs. If however you have started a gadget blog you will want to focus on gadget blogs and specifically you will want to target gadget blogs that focus on your same subjects (tablets, smartphones, Apple products, etc). The reasoning behind this thought process is simple, if links pointing back to your website come from hyper-focused blogs that match your own goals you’ll receive more authority when Google realizes those websites target the same keywords as your own blog. Before guest posting write 15-20 articles and then examine your keywords for each article, determine what your focus is early on and then target partnerships with sites that share your focus by conducting a quick Google search of your keywords and noting any sites that regularly appear for your search terms. Read More

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Colors, Fonts, and Layout: How Do You Get Started with Blog Design?

When people talk about the perfect blog, they always focus on content. The content of a blog is obviously extremely important, and in most cases the content is what decides whether a blog will be successful or flop like a fish out of water. However, the design of a blog is also extremely important. Many bloggers understand the writing aspect of the job, but it’s the blog design that causes frustration. Because creating a blog involves a little bit of web development and web hosting knowledge, so many writers feel a huge weight on their shoulders. Once bloggers have WordPress and other plugins mastered, they sometimes don’t even know where to begin when it comes to design.

Read More

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How To Land That Dream Job Through Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest activities to get
started online to make your voice heard. Especially now since web hosting is more reliable and affordable; and with the free, robust and user-friendly blogging platform, WordPress, we see over 100,000 blogs being launched daily.

Since I’m always an advocate for going the extra mile to stand-out there are some proven techniques that can help you get noticed through the eyes of your prospective employer. Blogging is no longer not just a pastime but an activity that can launch you towards your desired success.

Here are 7 simple guidelines and techniques for landing your desired job. Read More

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